'˜They'll be tearing up festivals this year': High praise for Aylesbury band Blushes as they get four page spread in this week's NME magazine

A band from Aylesbury tipped to have a breakthrough 2018 have enjoyed a further boost to their profile after getting a four-page feature in this month's edition of top music magazine NME.

The four-piece pop, R n B and rock band formed at Waddesdon School in 2016, and were selected as this week’s ‘Under the Radar’ band by the music mag.

The unsigned band consists of members Sonny Ford (guitar), Tiffany Marie (vocalist and synth bass), Bradley Ayres (vocalist and guitar) and Jacob Price (drummer) and last month they released their latest single ‘Honey’.

As well as the interview, the band also took part in a photoshoot with the magazine.

The band members gave The Bucks Herald their thoughts on the day.

Bradley said: “I remember sitting on the train from Aylesbury to Marylebone at 6.55am and seeing the bleak expressions on the morning commuters.

“I was sat there smiling away listening to Earth, Wind and Fire, trying my very best not to dance down the train with excitement.

“I was, the definition of buzzing.”

Sonny said: “The entire day was a totally surreal experience, just us lot from the middle of nowhere with this huge crew of incredibly interesting, memorable and talented people that have worked with some of the biggest names out there, it felt like crazy dream.”

Jacob said: “The whole opportunity of the shoot felt like winning some kind of strange music industry lottery.

“It was a humbling view into the daily goings on of such a large company.”

Tiffany said: “You know when you are a little girl and your mum plays with your hair and it feels like you are in heaven?

“Well it felt like that but better as I’m now 21 and it was a Vo5 and NME team instead of my mum.

“The clothes were beautiful and they had our styles down to a tee.

“It was so lovely to have people who barely know you feel as though they know you so well and be so accepting of who you are and emphasising this.”

You can read the article here or pick up a copy of this week’s NME magazine.

Please note that the image above is not from the NME photoshoot.

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