‘They got my quiff perfect!’ Aylesbury footballer Ellen White on meeting her virtual self in ground-breaking FIFA 16 video game

Ellen White in the FIFA 16 video game, and, right, in real life
Ellen White in the FIFA 16 video game, and, right, in real life

A footballer from Aylesbury is among the first female players to feature in ground-breaking video game FIFA 16.

Ellen White has already had the chance to play the game alongside her Notts County and England team-mate Carly Telford, an experience she described as ‘awesome’.

White, 26, from Fairford Leys said: “We went to London to try the game out which was an incredible experience, something I never expected to happen.

“I had a go playing as myself and although I did score a goal I also missed a penalty!

“It was brilliant and it brought back memories of playing with my brother when I was younger.”

The former Grange School pupil also went to London along with other England footballers to help with the creation of her character in the game.

She said: “We sat in front of cameras and they took loads of pictures of different facial features.

“I am really pleased with how I look and they got my quiff perfect.

“My husband is looking forward to playing the game and being able to control me!”

White, who was part of the England squad that won a bronze medal at the World Cup in Canada earlier this year said she had been inundated with messages on social media about her presence in the game.

She said: “People have been saying about playing as Lionel Messi before and now they’re playing as Ellen White.”

Last year’s FIFA sold more than 14 million copies across the globe. FIFA 16, released this week, is the first in the series to feature women.

However, currently only international women’s teams feature in the game.

White, who is given an overall rating of 75 out of 100 in the game, said: “It would be fantastic to see club teams and that is something to aspire to.

“It would also be great if sometime in the future we could play against male teams.

“For the time being though, I’m just happy to be on the game.”