There’s an unlikely craze spreading among Aylesbury’s young people - lawn bowls

Coaching for young bowlers at Aylesbury Bowls Club. Back, from the left, coaches, John Fox, Keith Stratfull and Henry Beach. Front, from the left, young bowlers, Kirsty Catton, Tom Roker, Abigail Munday and Emma Jones

It’s traditionally seen as a sport played by older people, but it appears that lawn bowls is proving a hit with the youth of Aylesbury this summer.

Aylesbury Town Bowls Club hosted a session targeted at junior players in the spring and it proved a surprising success.

Coaching for young bowlers at Aylesbury Bowls Club. Emma Jones, bowling and Kirsty Catton with coach, Henry Beach

Sue Ford from the club said: “We have hosted sessions for children, with the season starting in May through to winter indoors at Foxhills.

“It seems to be really popular, which is quite surprising really!

“It tends to have the reputation for being a sport that older people enjoy but it’s been a massive success.”

Sue said that the sport is helping young people stay active and also helps with social interaction and she’s seen a lot of kids who play come out of their shells.

Coaching for young bowlers at Aylesbury Bowls Club. Abigail Munday, bowling and Tom Roker with coach, Henry Beach.

She added: “We just want to help them to live up to their potential.

“It’s great to see young people sharing a drink and a chat with each other, it does wonders for their social skills.

“Coaches are on hand to help shy kids come out of their shells, and are all passionate about the sport.”

Henry Beach, John Fox and Bob Munday are volunteer coaches, and president Keith Stratfull also volunteers his time to the club.

Coaching for young bowlers at Aylesbury Bowls Club. Emma Jones and Kirsty Catton with coaches, Keith Stratfull and Bob Munday.

Roll-ups take place on Friday evenings at 6pm and Tuesday mornings at 10am and there are also coaching sessions on Saturday mornings at 10am.

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