There are 59 unclaimed estates in Bucks, could you be entitled to one of them?

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Nearly 60 estates in Buckinghamshire are waiting to be claimed from the government, who are sitting on the fortunes of over ten thousand people across the UK.

According to data updated on September 11, there are claims to be made in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes and even Wendover.

Family members and heirs have just 12 years to claim an estate once it has been reported unclaimed to the treasury.

A release by the government explains: “The Bona Vacantia division (BVD) of the Government Legal Department administers the estates of people who die without blood relatives and without leaving a Will.

“If you are in any doubt about your entitlement to claim the estate, you should either seek your own legal advice or send a family tree, including the dates of death of family members on it, to”

An unprecedented 8 unclaimed estates in Bucks have been added to the database in 2017, compared to just one reported last year.

Buckinghamshire holds half a percent of the 10,227 unclaimed estates across the country, showing that the people of Aylesbury are generally on the ball in claiming connections to the deceased.

One estate, however, belonging to a woman named Patricia Hulse who died in High Wycombe, has remained unclaimed for 98 years.

The surnames Hulse, Phillips, O’Shea, Medves, Barclay, Byrne, Krol, Lovelace, Thomas, Butterfield, Nalepka, Lane, Douglas, Bonfils, Thomas, Awdry, Balun, Biba, Boucher, Boyne, Bright, Burgess, Camm, Collingwood, Cook, Czeryba, Darby, Dormer, Gillings, Hakuc, Harber, Hnatiw, Hughes, Karsae, Kasprzyk, Kenningberg, Kuca, Laing, Lohwynenko, Matvy, McAlinden, Mockridge, Nanton, Nizbicki, Nyalka, O’Leary, O’Reilly, Perry, Pirog, Richards, Sereyno, Smith, Sullivan, Szabat, Wasylyk, Whiteman, Wichary, Wood, Zetlein also feature on the list.

To check the database yourself, head to and follow the advice posted.