Therapy meets science in debut novel

Blinding Light book cover
Blinding Light book cover

A school therapist has boldly gone where no author has gone before, by combining quantum physics and strained relationships in an explosive science fiction thriller.

Blinding Light: A Quantum Destiny, the debut novel by Aston Clinton-based Keven Folliard, has zoomed straight into the Amazon Kindle charts.

The novel follows maladjusted scientist Tom through a love triangle while he attempts to avoid sinister government forces.

Keven, aged 56, who writes under the name KR Folliard, admits to a love-­hate relationship with his protagonist.

Keven said: “He is a brilliant physician who, using theories of quantum gravity, discovers how to travel instantaneously across the universe. He is beset with flaws and repeats patterns of failure in every part of his life – particularly with the women he professes to love.”

Keven has worked as a counsellor and therapist in schools around Bucks and in his own private practice for the past 11 years.

The book also calls on Keven’s experience as a former research and development officer as well as his work within the medical electronics field.

Keven said: “I have always liked science, technology, politics and writing. A friend suggested I combine my ideas and interests. So I did.”

Blinding Light: A Quantum Destiny can be found in the Crime, Thriller and Mystery department of Amazon’s kindle store.