The day Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks came to Aylesbury's Civic Centre

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There was a time in Britain when every man, woman, child and their nan loved nothing more than settling down on a Saturday afternoon to watch grown men wrestle.

The likes of Kendo Nagasaki, lucky toad-licker Catweazle and Pat Roach were favourites of the sport - but none more so than former miner Big Daddy and his nemesis Giant Haystacks.

This image shows wrestling at the Civic Centre in December 1980, filmed for ITV’s ‘World of Sport’ programme.

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The wrestlers in the ring are Giant Haystacks, Bruno Elrington and Big Daddy.

Giant Haystacks returned to the Civic Centre in the early nineties close to the end of his career, and after the sport had been taken off the television.

One audience member recalled how the show was ‘very exciting’ and that Giant Haystacks openly remonstrated with the heckling crowd - which included himself and his grandma - like a true showman.

Do you remember either of these wrestling shows?

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