Thames Valley police open investigation into allegations Kimblewick Hunt broke the fox hunting ban

Footage released from appears to show Kimblewick Hunt dragging a fox out from underground to be hunted by hounds.

Thames Valley Police received several reports of the Kimblewick Hunt allegedly breaking the law, and have now opened an investigation.

The fox had been trapped in an artificial earth, a series of clay pipes buried in the ground, in a copse between two fields.

Artificial earths were routinely used before hunting was banned in 2005 to trap and keep foxes that were then released on hunt days to give huntsmen the thrill of a chase.

The footage, shot on New Year’s Day, apparently shows members of the Kimblewick Hunt in Oxfordshire trying to flush the fox out with a pole, then one man reaching into the hole and pulling it out by its tail.

A spokesperson on behalf of the MFHA said: “The Masters of Foxhounds Association has strict disciplinary procedures and will fully investigate any credible allegation relating to Masters, hunt employees or hunts. It cannot, however, investigate criminal allegations or take any action that would interfere with or impede a possible police investigation.”

The footage was filmed on New Years Day when the hunt met at Moreton, Thame, Oxon.

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