Teenager ‘stabbed with needle while raising money for homeless’

Charlie Banton - hoping to help fifty homeless people in Aylesbury
Charlie Banton - hoping to help fifty homeless people in Aylesbury

A teenager says he was stabbed in the chest with a needle as he slept rough on the streets of Aylesbury to raise money for homeless people.

Charlie Banton, 19, started his 72-hour challenge on Saturday, and the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning when he was sleeping.

Fortunately the needle did not pierce too deeply. He received hospital treatment, including blood tests and an X-ray before carrying on the fundraising mission which finished on Tuesday.

As part of the challenge, Charlie was collecting money to help feed and provide equipment for Aylesbury’s homeless community.

But he thinks that Saturday night revellers handing him donations angered some people who felt he was infringing on their begging patch.

Charlie, who slept rough when he was younger but has now turned his life around, said: “I do feel good about the challenge and the experience hasn’t scared me. I helped 56 people, and spoke to 64 people. I raised £425 on the Go Fund Me page and £63 from people on the nights.”

He added: “I met a man who told me that because people were giving me donations, I was nicking the spot where junkies would go to beg for money to support their habit, so I think that’s why I got stabbed.

“I never wanted to cause trouble, only help people, and I think in general that’s what happened.”

He has not yet reported the incident to police, but plans to do so. He said officers were very supportive during his fundraising mission.

Charlie now plans to take his campaign to Hackney in London later this year, spending some nights on the streets in Wycombe on the way back.

On the nights Charlie uses the donated cash to provide supplies, a meal and support for the homeless community.

He said: “I want to do the whole of London, starting with the worst place for homelessness which is Hackney.

“I’m going to travel around doing it, but will be back in Aylesbury too.”

Any money left over from the challenge will be donated to the Aylesbury Homeless Action Group. To donate visit http://www.gofundme.com/my72hourmission or email charliebanton@hotmail.co.uk