Take a peep at peregine falcon family in tower block nest

Ecologists at Aylesbury Vale District Council have enjoyed a series of springtime surprises in the past few weeks, including keeping an eye on some important feathery residents.

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 5:00 pm
Peregine falcons in Aylesbury

Biodiversity expert Paul Holton said: “For the last seven years, together with Bucks Bird Club, we’ve been monitoring several families of peregrine falcons, including the one which has made a nest on top of the highest tower block in Aylesbury.

“Last year, we installed new webcams which have been broadcasting live footage of these wonderful birds to ‘twitchers’ all around the world.

“To everyone’s great delight, the peregrines recently laid not just one, but four new eggs. Webcam viewers everywhere have since been able to join us in watching the proud parents as they get ready to nurture their new arrivals.”

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Although live pictures of Aylesbury’s peregrine falcons have been captured on webcams since 2011, the newly installed system provides footage which is of significantly higher quality, allowing the council’s ecologists and fellow wildlife enthusiasts from as far afield as Japan and Australia to study the birds’ behaviour in much greater detail than ever before.

Live pictures from the upgraded webcams allowed the team to record the exact dates that each egg was laid.

Local birdwatcher Mike Wallen, who’s been involved in monitoring the peregrine falcons since the start of the project and who helped to set up the weblinks, said: “This is the largest clutch of eggs which these breeding pairs have ever produced, and we’re all really thrilled to be able to observe their progress. It’s always an absolute privilege to watch these magnificent birds, and it’ll be heart-warming to see their chicks take flight when they’re fully fledged.”

In partnership with various local wildlife organisations including Bucks Bird Club, Aylesbury Vale District Council is now organising a series of ‘watch events’, at which eagle-eyed attendees may get a glimpse of the world-famous peregrine falcons for themselves, from a vantage point in Aylesbury Market Square.

These events are scheduled for Saturday, May 28, Thursday, June 2 and Saturday, June 4. Everyone is welcome to come along and be inspired.