Sylar ready for the top after magical meeting

Aylesbury magician Sylar meets Derren Brown at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

An Aylesbury magician was left gobsmacked for a change, after he got the chance to meet world renowned illusionist Derren Brown.

Sylar, whose real name is Bogdan Mangu, met Derren after the latter brought his Svengali show to the Waterside Theatre last week.

“First of all, it was awesome,” said Sylar. “After we had done all the photos, we were left alone and it was basically just two magicians.

All we did for that hour and a half was talk about magic. It was like ‘oh have you seen that movie? Have you seen that trick?’

“It was like putting two kids in a pen with toys.

“That’s all we talked about. We both love magic. I love Derren Brown but I still love magic more.”

In what is sure to be a timely boost to his fledgling career, Sylar admitted he now faces a tough choice on whether to pursue stage magic or continue with close up tricks.

“That was something we spoke about a lot. He did close up before. He misses it.

“With stage you are attracted to that standing ovation and with close up you freak people out. It’s difficult to choose. I know I want to test a stage show though.”

Despite not knowing which path to take, Sylar is confident he will be successful, especially as he has already achieved fame with is own television show back home in Romania.

“I think if I just wait another year then I can be famous. Fair enough it’s a different country but I know I can do it.”

After moving to Aylesbury from Constanza two years ago, Sylar has quickly built up a steady following.

“As soon as I got here I liked it. I went into the first pub and made 20 friends in no time. I was just like, ‘hey, do you want to see a trick?’”

Just one week later and Sylar had performed his first show at Mendoza, making £200 in the process.

Still the magician is rising quickly and it is a far cry from five years ago when he was a bartender in Romania.

He said: “I knew I had one talent. I tried everything, sport, art, singing but eventually I found magic.”

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