Superheroes swoop in to leave shoppers stunned

Optimus Prime in prime position to wow the crowds at Friars Square
Optimus Prime in prime position to wow the crowds at Friars Square

Children (and plenty of mums and dad too) couldn’t believe their eyes as superheroes took time out from fighting crime to fly by and meet Friars Square shoppers.

Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and Optimus Prime joined forces for the special event which took place at the popular shopping centre last week.

Some toddlers couldn't believe their eyes

Some toddlers couldn't believe their eyes

And there were even some real-life superheroes for people to meet – the shopping centre’s chosen charity Medical Detection Dogs brought along some of its life-saving pooches.

Andy Margieson, Friars Square manager, was chuffed to see so many families enjoying the superheroes and the replica 1960s Batmobile.

It meant footfall in the shopping centre increased by six per cent. But his highlight was seeing the iconic car driving through the centre onto Bourbon Street.

He said: “It was really good fun and luckily I didn’t have to put on a costume.

The superhero squadron

The superhero squadron

“A lot of people said to me they had come along just to see the superheroes and the car.

“And that’s fantastic for us because people were then doing some shopping too.

“A the good thing was there wasn’t a manic rush because it was spread throughout the day and it was a really good event.”

More than 1,000 children got stuck in with a superhero hunt around the shopping centre stores as they energetically collected clues to win some sweet treats.

And a craft stall opposite BB’s gave youngsters the chance to get creative and make masks to become superheroes themselves.

There were collection boxes for Medical Detection Dogs – based in nearby Great Horwood.

Mr Margieson said he is blown away by the work that the charity does, which includes training dogs to detect cancer and provide vital intervention.

He said: “We had a spaniel who watches his owner play football and runs on with the diabetes medication if he needs it. So it was superheroes and super dogs.”