Stunning photos which recapture Aylesbury’s golden past go on display for heritage weekend

Market Square, today and in 1904
Market Square, today and in 1904

See Aylesbury like you have never seen it before in a special series of photographs which shows the town’s journey through 100 years.

The timescape photos capture iconic scenes from the likes of Market Square, the old brewery, Walton Street and Railway Street.

Railway Street, today and in 1972

Railway Street, today and in 1972

Karl Vaughan, local historian and Bucks Herald contributor, is behind the collection and he is exhibiting it at Old County Hall, off Market Square, for a Heritage Open Days event this weekend.

His 30 images created on Photoshop are a blend of old and new, demonstrating how the town has changed over the years.

To capture the unique pictures of Market Square on his camera was no mean feat as he had to use special equipment to get the right vantage point.

Mr Vaughan said: “The first floor window that the photographer was looking out of in 1900 is fresh air now.

“So I put my camera on a pole and managed to get up to the same height as where the window would have been.

“This means the merged photograph works perfectly as the angles are the same.

“The town council asked me about doing something different and I thought it would be an interesting thing to do.

“It’s been an enjoyable challenge.

“Some of the photos I found in an album on eBay 10 years ago.

“They don’t come around very often but when they do, they are very interesting.”

Check out Mr Vaughan’s complete collection at the event at Old County Hall from 10am to 4pm this Saturday and Sunday.

It forms part of a series of events taking pace across the town and wider area to celebrate architecture and culture.

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