Still no sign of Paul's sock! Beatles superfan delights customers daily with tribute to his heroes

Peter Marks with the Beatles image in The Lost Sock
Peter Marks with the Beatles image in The Lost Sock

It is 50 years since The Beatles walked across that famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road - Paul McCartney chose to do so barefoot.

And as a fitting tribute to his idols, Aylesbury superfan Peter Marks, 65, proudly displays a picture of the iconic scene in his launderette - aptly named The Lost Sock.
Visitors to the Parton Road business have always appreciated the joke, but never more so than in this anniversary year.

Peter Marks with the Abbey Road image

Peter Marks with the Abbey Road image

Business owner Peter first got into The Beatles as a boy, and saw them play at the iconic Cavern Club in Liverpool, and the Hippodrome in Bristol.
He and his sister used to follow their heroes around, and the picture, which belonged to his sister who has sadly now passed away has been in the family since the 1970s.

Recounting one of his early brushes with The Fab Four Peter said: “I’ve been a big Beatles fan since I was young. I used to follow my sister everywhere and and we went to see a train with The Beatles on board travel through a station near where we lived. Hundreds of kids were on the platform, but the train went past so fast that we couldn’t see them. People were saying ‘oh I saw Ringo’ but we didn’t see a thing!”

Peter was in the early Beatles fan club and used to send his 50p a week paper round money to the organisation to get up to date news about his heroes. But when he joined the army in 1971, he admits that for a while he lost touch with the fan base, and news about John, Paul, George and Ringo.

But in 1976 when Peter moved to Aylesbury he became a businessman opening a string of Codfather fish and chip shops.
And on opening The Lost Sock, he couldn’t resist paying tribute to The Beatles.
Peter, whose favourite track is Yesterday, said: “I still love them just as much as I did then. I went to see the Yesterday film recently and that’s brought it all back for everyone. It’s an amazing film.
“The Abbey Road picture was my sister’s for years, and lots of customers comment on it when they come in.”