Stanley the snail's playground opens for kids in Thornborough

It's been an eager wait but Stanley the Snail has finally welcomed the children of Thornborough to his new home, following the highly anticipated launch of the village's updated children's playground.

At a ceremony on October 20, the new playground was officially opened to the town’s youngsters, following a child-led campaign to spruce up the park, and resident mascot Stanley now has some much-deserved company.

The project, partly funded by a £50,000 grant from non-profit WREN’S FCC Community Action Fund, was designed by playground suppliers Kompan, drawing on the designs of the children.

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Carol Laurence, said:“The opening was great - a fantastic turnout and everyone was impressed with the new equipment.

“My daughter Mia wrote to the parish council about the poor state of the park at the start of the year and was then invited to Kompan to share her and her friends ideas when they were designing it, so it was fantastic for them to see their ideas become a reality and they have been spending hours in the park every day since it opened.”

The park was officially opened by two Thornborough infant school pupils, Lola Woodford and James Gibbs, who were the joint winners of the “Park friendship rules” competition. Their winning rule was “always be kind and include everyone in your games”.

Joe Newby, WREN Grant Manager, says: “We’re delighted to be supporting the playground refurbishment project and pleased our funding will provide such a fantastic facility for the families and children of Thornborough

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