Staff and ex pupils throw party to celebrate Jan's 49 years at Haydon Abbey School

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Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School held a celebratory party for Jan Seaton, who celebrates 49 years of service with the school.

During her time at Haydon Abbey School, Jan has taught over 1000 children and has been at the school since 1968.

Five of Jan’s ex headteachers she has worked under turned up to the party, and the deputy head who worked at the school when she first started in 1968.

Jan Seaton said: “It was absolutely amazing send off, the party on Tuesday and assembly with the children. It was very moving. I’ve had an awful lot of roles in the school throughout the years and as always, working with children no two days are the same.

She added: “It was like having 49 years of my life sat in a room with me, it was absolutely wonderful.

“I’m going to miss the children and their families, some of whom i’m now on the third generation of!

When asked about her plans for retirement, Jan said: “I will be doing a lot of sunbathing and resting, gardening, walking with friends and spending time with my friends. I will also be carrying on with my animal charity work!

Head Teacher, Judith Ejdowski said: “When I arrived at Haydon Abbey in 2010 I was Jan’s 10th Headteacher.Having taught over 1000 children across three generations Jan had an amazing knowledge and understanding of our families.

"Jan’s commitment and loyalty to the school has been remarkable and she will be very much missed.

"When I arrived Jan was still teaching in Year 6 but over the years her role became more pastoral as she worked with our more vulnerable families.

"Jan’s lasting legacy to the school is the Seaton Suite where the Pastoral Team, that she originally formed, are based.”