Stabbed shop worker will be in hospital for another six months

Rushatharan Asok
Rushatharan Asok

A shop worker who was stabbed in the neck as he helped a customer will remain in hospital for at least another six months, say doctors.

Rushatharan Asok –known as Rushaan – was initially flown to John Radcliffe Hospital following the attack at Bab’s Food & Wine Store in Buckingham Street, Aylesbury, on September 8.

After several weeks, the 24-year-old was moved to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and spent several weeks there before being transferred to High Wycombe Hospitalaround two weeks ago.

Surgeons had to remove part of his skull to allow the swelling of his brain to reduce after the vicious attack in which he nearly lost his life.

Consultants have now had to hold back on fitting the skull cap for another six to seven months due to complications, but have replaced it with a semi-permanent covering in the meantime.

This means Rushaan will have to endure two more operations in the future, but shop owner Seelan Ulaganathan says he is making progress.

Seelan, 44, said: “They are getting him up out of bed every hour to get him walking, and now he is able to talk fully.

Rushaan’s parents Ashok and Kalaivani flew over from their native Sri Lanka following the tragedy and are currently staying with Seelan, his wife Suja and their two daughters at the family’s home in Bedgrove, Aylesbury.

Seelan, who has owned the newsagents for eight years, said: “Even though we are Hindu, we celebrate Christmas because our two daughters like it.

“They make sure we have a tree that we put up and decorate every year!”

Following the tragedy, the National Federation of Retail Newsagents were alerted to the Asok’s struggle, as they have left their home country and arrived in the UK without a penny to their name.

Federation members dug deep and raised emergency cash to help support the family in their time of need, with some Bucks Herald readers even coming forward to donate. Now the fund has reached nearly £4,000 and some of the money raised has already paid for the Asok’s mortgage for the next six months back in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. The cash has also paid for phone credit to call relatives in Sri Lanka, essential toiletries for the couple and an Argos voucher.

The Asok’s visa expires in February, but the couple are due to meet with senior police in January to discuss an extension so they can remain in the UK with their eldest son until he is discharged from hospital.