Sophie’s sitting pretty for holidays with grandparents

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An inspirational eight-year-old is sitting pretty after getting new equipment to help make her life a little easier.

Sophie Elsby, who lives in Aylesbury, suffers from cerebral palsy, and isn’t able to walk.

Because of her condition Sophie has weaker muscles in her body, and has a tendency to flop to one side. This causes her pain, and could lead to other health problems.

But, thanks to the Newlife Foundation For Disabled Children, Sophie has been given a second special chair, which means that she can sit tall when she stays with her grandparents.

The new kit means that she will be able to take more holidays to Dian and Martin’s home in Cardiff, where the chair will stay for whenever she visits.

Her mum Debbie, said: “It’s just Sophie and me in Aylesbury, but we visit my parents in Cardiff each school holiday.

“Sophie loves going to see them and it means I get a bit of a break too, but without a specialist chair for her there she can’t sit upright. It’s very difficult for her to be in her ordinary chair.”

The family turned to the Newlife Foundation to help with the £2,040 needed to fund the chair.

And using fund-raising money from Holy Trinity Church in Deanshanger, and Tesco Superstore in Milton Keynes, the foundation was only too happy to help.

Debbie added: “The new chair has made a big difference, now Sophie can properly enjoy her holiday. It’s also made it easier for my parents to handle Sophie as she can use the chair for standing transfers so she doesn’t have to be lifted.

“Sophie is delighted with the chair, it means she can join in so much more.”