Someone has an alligator as a pet in Aylesbury Vale.....Is it you?

There is a Chinese water alligator somewhere in Aylesbury Vale - and a capuchin monkey.

Perhaps your neighbours even own a serval cat or f1 savannah?

A Freedom of Information request by this newspaper has revealed that all of these animals are being kept in this area incredibly unusual pets.

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The Chinese fresh water alligator is on the critically endangered list.

To make that list, the species must have a decline of greater than 80 per cent of the species population in a certain area of occupancy.

In 1999, it was estimated by the Wildlife Conservation Society that there were only around 150 individuals left in the wild.

Capuchin monkeys are black, brown, buff or white, but their colour and pattern depends on the species involved.

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They reach a length of 30 to 56cm, with tails that are just as long as their body.

Capuchin monkeys inhabit a large range of Brazil and other parts of Latin and Central America.

The serval and f1 savannah are types of cat.

The serval has similarities to the leopard, and is native to the African grasslands typically found south of the Sahara desert.

The Savannah is a cross between a domestic cat and the serval.

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Keeping animals on the dangerous wild animals list is not easy, and the council stringently inspects premises where animals will be kept to ensure all conditions are suitable.

A licence will only be granted when the inspectors are satisfied you are a suitable person, the animals accommodation is adequate and secure and there are no public safety issues.

The licence is valid for a maximum of two years and must be renewed every other year.