Snakes alive! Deadly boa found in basement

The boa
The boa

There it was lurking in a nice warm basement in the Wendover Road.

No, a beautiful animal like this vagrant would never ‘lurk’, every movement is the epitome of power and elegance. 
This was a snake, a boa to be precise, fully five feet long and as strong as you can’t imagine.

Lucikly boa’s are not poisonous, they are constrictors that suffocate their prey by coiling their powerful muscles around the hapless victim. 
We think this is a boa who is growing to twelve feet. 
It and its massive cousins the Indian and Burmese pythons reputedly take animals like deer or alligators and even, so is said, the occasional human.

But what was this constrictor doing in Aylesbury when its native home is in South America.

Sadly they are kept as pets in this country and often escape or are simply dumped because they have grown too large. 
Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful for all of us at Tiggys to meet such a wonderful animal. 
We are not strangers to stray pet reptiles some of them enormous.

I have taken in baby Indian pythons and even a twelve foot monster that I managed to get into a zoo.

These big snakes probably could not survive in our climate. 
If they could they may become dangerous pests like those introduced or abandoned in Florida. 
They are thriving to plague proportions eating everything from alligators to dogs.

It is not going to happen here but the Florida experience highlights the dangers of wild animals where they should not be.

Our snake will be moved on to a zoo or reptile collection.