Sky high plans: Extra floors could be added to Job Centre office block

Plans to add two floors to an office block which once housed the job centre have been submitted.

Tuesday, 27th May 2014, 5:57 pm
View - Buckingham Street, Aylesbury - looking towards Heron House ENGPNL00120120619142756

Developers want to turn Heron House in Buckingham Street into around 50 town centre flats.

Having been told the district council is likely to back the conversion of the existing building into apartments they now want to add two storeys to the top of the block, containing an additional seven flats.

In their statement supporting the proposals, developer Suburban Studios says: “The proposal would clearly have an effect on the skyline. Almost any upward addition to buildings does and it is fairly inevitable if one is seeking higher net

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densities in towns that the skyline will be affected to some extent.”

The application will be decided by AVDC at a later date.