Six spooky tales from across Aylesbury Vale

To get you in the mood for halloween, we've dug up six spooky stories from Aylesbury Vale's haunted past..

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Monday, 22nd October 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 3:26 am
Several spooky sightings have been shared from across the Vale
Several spooky sightings have been shared from across the Vale

Ghosts have been sighted at the following places..

The Kings Head, Aylesbury

Speaking to the Herald in 2004, Staff at the iconic Aylesbury pub shared stories of ghostly goings on...

A reported "ghost sighting" at Dinton Folly

REAL-life ghostbusters were called in to investigate several odd occurences in Aylesbury's oldest pub.

The National Trust, which owns the King's Head, has called in The Ghost Club, a team of paranormal experts, after complaints from staff who live in the 15th-century Market Square inn.

Sightings include a tall figure appearing inside the locked pub wearing a black hat and black coat, and a tendency for clocks and watches to stop on the stroke of midnight in the Great Hall – the oldest part of the building.

Nicholas Philips, of the National Trust said at the time: "At the King's Head there have been a number of sightings of various happenings regarding a ghost. We have organised for a team of advisors to visit."

Emily Hirons, who works and lives at the pub, has moved out of the building's oldest room after her watch repeatedly stopped on the stroke of midnight.

Her boyfriend suffered the same inconvenience and so did another member of staff who stayed in the infamous Cromwell Room.

She said: "The pub is very old, built in 1455, and from my experiences, it has just been the watches, but other people have seen other strange goings-on.

Other staff members have told of seeing the ghostly figures of a nun in the pub and a woman who appears at the bottom of the stairs.

Miss Hirons added: "I'm aware there is supposed to be a grey lady at the bottom of the stairs, where she fell 100 years ago.

"We had a waitress here before Christmas and she was stressed out because she thought she had seen a nun figure. We looked back through the records and there is mention of a nun in the same room."

Antiques at Wendover

Speaking to the Bucks Herald in 2012, dealers at Antiques at Wendover, said the serene spirit of a young woman has made herself at home among the unique prints, plates and pens of the shop.

Mike, one of the dealers, said: “We’ve heard her walking around and down to the bottom of the stairs.

“A couple of the lady dealers refuse to go upstairs when it gets dark.”

But there may be more to the tale than a lady lingering in the shops too long.

Stories of a tunnel running under the dealership from The King and Queen on South Street to the Red Lion in the High Street may be unsubstantiated, but the supposed bricked-up entrance in the cellars is evidence enough for some.

Add to this claims The King and Queen was once a brothel, indicated by a mark on a step outside it, with clients using the tunnel to take women to the Red Lion unseen, and a picture emerges of where the mysterious madame may have come from.

But the store doesn’t plan to investigate its ghost further.

Mike said: “She is quite peaceful and we’ve not had any mischief from her.

“We don’t want to disturb her with a ghost hunter."

The Dinton Folly, Dinton

Dinton Folly is said to be haunted by King Charles I’s executioner and a photographer who took this spooky picture (pictured) certainly wouldn’t disagree.

Anthony Hawkes, 28, stopped off with his colleague, Bob Wallman, at the 17th century castle on the way home from work and was stunned to see this ghostly figure in his shot.

He said: “I don’t know what to make of it.

“It spooked me a little bit. I do believe in those sorts of things.”

John Mayne was the King’s executioner in 1649 and is said to still haunt the Saxon burial ground.

Mr Hawkes added: “It just came up and we disappeared quite quickly.”

The Odeon Cinema, Aylesbury

As the original odeon languished derelict, the successor ABC then ran into problems according to the Bucks Herald back in 2004.

By 2003, cinema staff were convinced screen five felt different to other screens.

One usher sensed someone up behind him, then the lights went out instead of dimming.

On the screen a face appeared oval shaped with a mouth but no eyes.

After that this screen was entered in pairs, as guests seemed to be still there after the film, but were not.

If anything can explain this - it would be the close proximity to the Crown Court, outside where hangings took place.

The Ivy House Tavern, en-route to Aylesbury

At the The Ivy House tavern which is en-route to Aylesbury, a young stable lad had slipped and was trampled to death by horses. There have since been several ghostly sightings of him appearing from the top window of what used to be one of the servants attic rooms.

Built around 250 years ago The Ivy House was originally a coaching inn, and is said to have had some pretty shady visitors on their way through to London in its early days. The pub say: "From this history ghost stories have developed over the years; some say we have the ghost of a villian who escaped custody while being transported to London but was soon captured and hung here after murdering a local in his attempts to escape.

"Others believe we have the ghost of a young stable hand, seen by present members of staff.

The former Red cross Memorial Hospital in Taplow

This spooky site has its very own online shrine dedicated to its memory and subsistence. The hospital dates back to 1914 and was used by the Canadian Army Medical Corps which was developed into a "state of the art" hospital complex to serve the Canadian forces in the Second World War.

Among information on the history and character on the webpage is a menu of spooky tales relating to several rather unsavoury experiences on the grounds of the old hospital including the mystery of the soldier from ward 13 who alledgedly appears in the doorway.

There has been some talk of ghost sightings in the hospital including a terrifying experience of two yong men who were pursued through the gloomy corridors by a malevolent presence known as The Flincher. It is described as "a vicious black-winged monster-thing" which hurled itself toward them.