Sinaia guest pays tribute to Thame festival

Felicia Mirza
Felicia Mirza

A guest from Thame’s linked town in Romania who attended the recent arts and literature festival has said a huge thank you for an enjoyable visit.

Felicia Mirza, English translator and interpreter and a member of Sinaia’s ASPE Cultural Association, visited Thame along with colleagues Cristina Manea and Mariana Cojoc during the TAL Festival in October.

A guest of the Thame-Sinaia Friendship Association and hosted by Thame Rotarians, the group were also joined by author Dan Manea, who gave a talk during the event about his love for ‘The Pearl of the Carpathians‘, Sinaia, in his book ‘Sinaia, Land of the Elites’.

Felicia said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gazette for the nice articles published about us on September 29 and October 18, which raised interest in the cultural event and contributed to the extension of cultural events within the Thame - Sinaia Friendship Association.

“The TAL Festival celebrated not only art and literature but also life. An annual festival that opened its gates to culture, decorated in the colours of life, on a background of music, a gala of beau arts through movies, photography, a successful book launch or cultural trips to Waddesdon Manor, Oxford - the city of spires, or Thame on foot – past and present.

“The organisers created wonderful moments - moments never to be forgotten.

We, the ‘Sinaians’ enjoyed every minute of our time spent in the company of amazing people.”

Felicia said her time at the festival was well organised, with events that were well planned and scheduled, giving a taste of our culture and history.

She added: “TAL was a festival of inspiring ideas where city tours, music, movies, a quiz night and dinners joined like in a wonderland.

“Thank you all. Thank you - just eight letters that tell about our gratitude for having us during your festival, for your friendship and support.”