Sexual exploitation trial hears abuse of 12-year-old girl took place at locations across Aylesbury

Court Case
Court Case

A woman told court today she was sexually abused at locations across Aylesbury when she was just twelve years of age.

The alleged abuse against Woman A involves eleven men charged as part of the Operation Articulate investigation into child sexual exploitation in the town.

The Old Bailey jury heard that Woman A, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and defendant Vikram Singh met in Woolworths when she was 12 years old.

She said: “I went to look at the Batman stuff and (her friend) went to look at the doll stuff.

“I didn’t see him when I got to the Batman stuff, he just sort of appeared and said hello.”

She added: “He asked me what’s my name, why am I here and who am I with.

“He asked if I was with my parents and I said ‘ no I’m with my friend’ and then I think he gave me his phone number and that was it.”

Woman A said that looking back she thought that Singh looked between 35 and 40 years ago. He told her his name was Bicky.

A short time after the court heard that the girl called Singh from a phonebox and the pair arranged to meet up.

Their first meeting allegedly took place behind ‘Sam’s Takeaway’ in Aylesbury, and he was in his car.

Woman A said: “I got into his car and just talked.

“We talked about family and age, I asked him if he was married and he said he had a wife and two children.”

Woman A says that when she revealed her age (which is thought to have been twelve) Singh was not shocked.

The jury heard that the next alleged contact with Singh was when he contacted her, and asked her to go to the cinema with him.

The pair then met up to go and see a showing of what Woman A says was the film Santa Claus 2.

Mr Saxby asked Woman A what she wore to the cinema and she said a tracksuit – she was not yet old enough to wear a bra.

She said: “I wanted to watch the film and he was stroking my leg and trying to kiss me, trying to turn my head to kiss me using his hands.”

The pair are alleged to have met up again after the cinema trip, and Woman A said that he bought her small gifts, like a DVD and McDonalds’ milkshake.

When they met up Woman A says that they kissed.

Two weeks after the Santa Claus screening Woman A and Singh arranged for him to go to her home while her mother was out.

The jury heard that on this occasion Singh had sex with the young girl on a single bed in a room full of her toys.

Woman A said: “He just said he wanted to see the house so I showed him the bedroom.”

She said he then asked her to perform oral sex on him, which she did.

“Then he took a condom out and we had sex on the single bed.”

Woman A says that she continued to have sex with Singh between the ages of 12 and 14. The jury heard that he met her at locations including around the back of the Royal Mail depot in Aylesbury, in the car park of a care home near Elmhurst School and at a house he said belonged to one of his best friends.

She also claims that he gave her a syrup-like liquid to drink which made her feel ‘sleepy and numb’ and made her fall asleep during sex.

Woman A says that she cut off contact with Singh when she met Mohammed Imran (also a defendant).

But six months after they had last spoken to each other she said he spotted her while she was walking to Imran’s house, along Dunsham Lane in Aylesbury.

Woman A claims that Singh asked her where she had been, and told her to get into his car about 30 times.

When she eventually got into the car she says she asked him to take her to Imran’s house, but he drove past the house in Buckingham Road.

She said: “He drove past Imran’s and I just told him he needed to stop, he took me to the back of the eating disorder place.”

She added: “I got my phone out to call the police, he grabbed the phone and it went on the floor, and then he grabbed my hands and then he raped me.”

After the alleged assault Woman A says that Singh drove her to Imran’s address, where she told him she had been raped.

She said: “I said sorry I’m late, the man I used to see just raped me.

“He said I’m a liar and get in the shower.”

Woman A, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was asked questions by prosecutor Oliver Saxby, and her evidence is expected to take a week.

Mr Saxby asked Woman A about her childhood, and she told how she and her mother had spent time in a hostel when she was growing up, once before she can remember and once when she was seven years old for a period of two-and-a-half years.

By the time she was reaching the end of junior school Woman A was skipping lessons, and was excluded from her first upper school, finally settling with the second.

Her mother drank four or five times a week, and worked until late at night, meaning that the young girl was left to her own devices.

Speaking about her mother’s parenting skills Woman A said: “She tried.”

The case continues...