Sexual exploitation trial: Brother of claimant takes to the stand

The teenage brother of a woman who says she was sexually abused by two men when she was underage took to the stand at the Old Bailey today.
The scales of justiceThe scales of justice
The scales of justice

The trial of 11 men who are accused of a string of child sex offences against two young girls entered its fouth week this morning.

Woman B, who is the alleged victim of abuse by defendants Akbari and Taimoor Khan, finished giving evidence on Friday.

And today her brother described an incident with Taimoor Khan, who the young girl says she knew as ‘Ekk’.

Woman B’s brother claims that in 2009 he, his sister and her female friend went to a Halloween party just outside of Aylesbury.

At this stage the young man would have been around 13 years old, with his sister around 18 months older.

He said that the group realised they had missed the last bus home, and Woman B, who was in charge of her younger sibling, said that she would call Khan and ask him for a lift.

It is alleged that Khan picked the youngsters up, and took them back to his home where the young boy was offered an alcoholic drink.

The brother, whose identity is protected to protect his sister’s anonymity, said: “He encouraged me to drink it.

“I said I don’t drink and repeatedly told him that I shouldn’t drink it.

“I felt that he very much wanted me to drink that drink.”

And describing how Khan appeared towards the girls during the visit, he said: “I felt that his mannerisms were very gropey and he was what I would call a ‘handsy’ person.

“He repeatedly had his hands on the girls, trying to pull them closer and he put his hands on their legs.

“There was lots of stroking and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I felt like he was trying behave with them in a way which was inappropriate for their age.”

The brother said that at the time he believed Khan was aged in his 30s, but could have been wrong.

During the course of the evening the brother said that Khan tried to get him to watch pornography on a laptop and mobile phone, and quizzed him about his own sexual experiences.

He said: “He asked if I had a girlfriend, and asked about girls I knew and if I had sex with them.

“He asked if I watched porn, and lots of other questions that I felt uncomfortable answering. I tried to avoid him as much as possible but he was very forceful in the way he spoke.

“I felt uncomfortable to the point where I was actually quite scared.”

The brother says that he, his sister and the friend stayed over at Khan’s house. The girls on the sofa and him on the floor.

He said that the whole experience made him feel so uncomfortable that he could not sleep.

When asked his he felt anger towards his sister for putting him in that situation at such a young age he said: “I had no resentment towards my sister, I felt that she was in a vulnerable state.

“At the time I resented what I felt was her being preyed upon, and I felt that not only was I a victim of this gentleman’s uncomfortable approaches so was she.

“It was more a sad time than an angry time.”

The case continues.

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