Second Earth’s guerilla Record Store Day celebration

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Aylesbury’s newest (and only) record shop is celebrating Record Store Day a little differently...

Second Earth Records, a pop-up shop which comes to Market Square every Saturday doesn’t qualify to take part in official events, because pop-ups are not recognised.

But not to be dissuaded, organisers have taken it upon themselves to organise some festivities of their own.

Co-owner of the store Daniel Gregory, said: “Sadly, due to pop-up shop discrimination we are not considered a ‘proper shop’ and so, are not officially allowed to take part.

“What this means is that we won’t have any of the Record Store Day stock to browse, however, we will have vast amounts of new and used stock to peruse, fondle, discuss and buy.

“In addition, we will have a selection of sale items and special offers only available on Record Store Day.

“The following weekend we will be able to order any leftover RSD stock so make sure you let us know if there’s anything you’re after and we will do our best to order it for you (this will depend on whether it’s still in stock with distributors).”

And Daniel said that he and the team are more hopeful than ever that the store could get a permanent home soon.

He said: “Who knows, maybe this time next year we’ll be able to celebrate for real in our own bricks and mortar shop!”

“We’ll be the only place in Aylesbury celebrating the event, but as mentioned we’re not eligible to get any of the stock until the following week, so we’ll be having a sale and giving away free cakes!”

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