Second Earth: Exciting plans to bring record shop back to Aylesbury

Second Earth RecordsSecond Earth Records
Second Earth Records
Remember record shops? Isn't that a sad thing to say. Remember Earth Records?

Well, a pioneering duo have set up a campaign to bring a dedicated record store back to Aylesbury, but to do it they will need your help.

Second Earth Records is a project set up by Dan Gregory and Colin Steele.

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It will launch as a Market Square stall on March 26, but the pair hope that supporters might be able to help them get a permanent home.

Dan said: “We have knowledge, we have stock, we have a town full of people looking to hear and buy new music, but we still need your help.

“We are looking for contributions from people who feel strongly about Second Earth Records, to help us pay for things like e-commerce and SEO for the web shop, along side things like banners, tables, signs, crates, racking and other stuff for the pop-up shop (stall).

“The pop-up shop will be held weekly in Aylesbury Market Square every Saturday. Our aim is for it to be a spot where people can not only browseand purchase music, but also talk about, and listen to music. We hope to create a welcoming environment for all types of listeners. “

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Pledgers who sign up to support the project get cool items like stickers, badges and t-shirts.

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Earth Records was owned by Friars boss David Stopps in the old Friars Square.

Aylesbury’s last independent music shop, Record House, closed in 2008, while HMV moved out of town in 2012.

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