Search is on for missing Jimmy, the Watermead lakeside tabby

Missing tabby cat Jimmy, lost around the Watermead area
Missing tabby cat Jimmy, lost around the Watermead area

Have you seen missing tabby cat Jimmy around the Watermead area?

The Maine Coon/Bengal cross went on his usual night prowl on Sunday, July 31 and hs owner Mary Singleton has not seen him since.

She said: “I found Jimmy eight years ago. He had been living rough around the lake for about two years after his owner married and moved closer into Aylesbury - Jimmy kept making his way back to his beloved lake.

“I miss him terribly and feel that someone may have picked him up and taken him home as I did all those years ago. He is chipped and that is how I found out he already had an owner - they decided to give him to me as he loved Watermead so much.”

Jimmy is a dark tabby with sleek, longish soft coat with pretty markings. He has a bushy tail that he holds upright. He has had a tendency to roam around the small lake and sometimes further afield.”

Mary added: “Is it possible Jimmy has got himself locked in somewhere? Or have you taken him in because you thought he was a stray or has been injured?”

Please call or text Mary on 07986 582903 with any information you may have about Jimmy.