Scouts across Aylesbury receive awards for completing badges

Scouts from across Bucks receive their awards at an event held at Aylesbury High School
Scouts from across Bucks receive their awards at an event held at Aylesbury High School

A group of 25 Scouts from Aylesbury were among those to receive awards at an event on Sunday at Aylesbury High School.

Around 250 parents, carers and adult volunteers joined in the celebratory event where beaver scouts, cub scouts, scouts and explorer scouts were rewarded for their efforts as part of their packs.

In order to collect their bronze award beaver scouts, aged six to eight, have to gain six challenge badges including my adventure, my skills and my outdoors.

Included in these badges would have been activities such as crate stacking, cooking marshmallows, going on a sleepover, knowing what to do if someone has an accident, acting or miming and decorating cakes or biscuits.

In order to collect their award, cub scouts, boys and girls aged eight to 10 ½, would have to acquire seven challenge badges including our world, team leader and personal.

Some of the activities would have included teaching another cub a new skill, learning about the culture and customs in another country and trying a new activity they were nervous about.

In order to collect their award, the scouts, boys and girls aged 10 ½ to 14, would have to acquire nine challenge badges including expedition, creative and skills.

Some of the activities they might have undertaken include planning and taking part in an expedition, website design and developing in an activity such as an aerobic routine.

Four explorer scouts received their Duke of Edinburgh awards - to achieve these they would have carried out some volunteering, learned a new skill, planned and trained for and been on an expedition and been partaken in a regular sporting activity.

James Palin, lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Scouts said: “Scouts offers opportunities for all young people.

"They will learn skills that will help them in life.

"These skills include cooking, learning about other countries, healthy eating, IT, the importance of teamwork and problem solving.

"Adult volunteers feel a huge amount of pride seeing young people develop from shy six-year-old Beavers to 15-year-old confident Explorers who will be going on international expeditions.”

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