Scott turns his back on a life of crime to excel in business and help others too

Scott McEvoy has made a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes over the last year.

After doing a stint in prison for drug related crimes, Scott, aged 28 from Aylesbury, he dedicated himself solely to charity work and his profession in a finance department to stay out of trouble.

At one point, he was even working two jobs, on top of completing a charity cycle ride from London to Paris, to raise funds for the New Leaf Foundation which helps prisoners get back on their feet. He raised £2000. Scott has been invited to the House of Lords to speak about how he has turned his life around since he has been released. It was his second job, working with deliveroo which inspired him to start his own delivery company that would deliver to wider radius than Deliveroo.

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Scott said: “I saw there was a huge market for this in Aylesbury, and the potential was amazing! In April, I decided to use the money I was saving for a house and invest it into this business idea. I opened up a franchise of One Delivery in Aylesbury, which thought could take over my part time job at Deliveroo, but it has been so successful that it’s now my full time job!”

One of the selling points of Scott’s business is that it will deliver popular fast foods like McDonalds, Subway and KFC to your front door for a small fee. They now deliver from about 40 restaurants spread across Aylesbury and the Vale. Scott now employs about 20 people.

He added: “We work mostly with independent restaurants in the area simply because we are a local company and very much support our local community as much as we can, including an exclusive contract to deliver food from The Works. In just 8 months I have created a company that is growing so fast it is now competing with Deliveroo in this area. One Delivery Aylesbury for its postcode radius is also one of the best performing One Deliveries in the UK and is doing as many orders a the big cities which is a great achievement. We have recently been nominated and reached the finals of the Incgen 5* Business Awards here in vale. The team of driver an riders as well as our clients, customers, friends and family have all helped get this company to where it is today and I cant thank you all enough for your support. We have all worked very hard to get this off the ground and work very hard to maintain the high levels of service that we provide as we really do try our best. What makes this even more rewarding is to know where I have come from in such a short amount of time and how I have turned my life around.”