Schoolgirl’s lifesaving Gambian food delivery

Katy Roberts with children in Gambia
Katy Roberts with children in Gambia

A 15-year-old schoolgirl who set up a charity to help Gambian children has delivered vital supplies to a community in desperate need of help.

Katy Roberts, of Weston Turville, visited Ndagan, a settlement of 25 ramshackle huts, to deliver £500 of rice, potatoes and onions.

Katy Roberts from Weston Turville in Gambia

Katy Roberts from Weston Turville in Gambia

She bought the food with her own money and cash raised through activities including selling jewellery and carvings made by the Gambian children.

Katy, who set up Child Aid Gambia in 2011, is hoping to put a water supply in the community so they have access to clean drinking water.

In addition, she is getting mosquito nets made for the children to guard against malaria when the rainy season arrives in the summer.

At the moment, two children in Ndagan die every year from the disease.

Katy, who goes to Aylesbury High School, said: “100 years from now it won’t matter what kind of house you lived in, what kind of car you drove, or how much money you had, all that will matter is the difference you made while you were alive.

“I wanted to set up and run a charity that gave 100% of all the money that it raised to the people it supports and not have any used in expenses.”

During her visit last month, Katy also made a £350 donation to Hart House, a home for physically and mentally disabled children, and visited Basura, a remote village where she is going to dig and install a water borehole later this year.

Her efforts have received commercial backing, including from Bedfordshire-based ‘Water to Go’.

The company’s managing director, Dave Shanks, said: “I am delighted to support Child Aid Gambia in all they do. They are a small charity with a big heart and doing wonders for the children of the Gambia.”