Schoolgirl and mum donate 30 inches of hair to charity

Vicki and Poppy Williams
Vicki and Poppy Williams

A little girl and her mum got the chop to help a charity that makes wigs out of human hair.

Poppy Williams, seven, and her mum Vicki have raised more than £280 for the Little Princess Trust which takes real human hair and turns it into wigs for children that have cancer.

Vicki said: “She heard about it at school and she wouldn’t stop thinking about it.

“She actually said to me ‘Mummy, these children lose their hair when they have to have medicine for cancer, please let me do this mine will just grow back.’ “How could I say no?!

“It was such a selfless act and all on her own initiative.”

Hairdresser Lisa Duran from Dare hair salon in Aylesbury completed the cut.

She cut 10 inches off of Poppy’s hair before Vicki had around 20 inches cut off as well which was also donated to the charity.