Sad end as Tiggywinkles tries in vain to save deer carried home by Olympian Rutherford

Greg Rutherford (below) posted this picture on his Twitter feed of Doris the deer
Greg Rutherford (below) posted this picture on his Twitter feed of Doris the deer

Tiggywinkles were called out to Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford’s home after he discovered a badly injured muntjac deer.

Rutherford, who won gold in the long jump during the 2012 Games in London came across the animal while out walking his dogs near his home in Woburn Sands.

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford

Writing on Twitter Rutherford said: “Just carried an injured deer about two miles home and now awaiting the RSPCA to come and help the little fella.

“Poor thing has a broken leg.”

The RSPCA told Rutherford it was likely to have to put the deer down because of its broken leg so the Olympian contacted Tiggywinkles, based in Haddenham.

Clare Campbell, head nurse at the wildlife hospital said: “We sent one of our volunteer rescuers David Poppelstone to Greg’s home where he had set up an area for the deer with water and food.

“David went to retrieve the deer and took it back here so our veterinary team could give it some pain relief and put its leg in a splint.

“The deer had a fractured leg but when we did an X-Ray of its pelvis we realised the injuries were too serious for it to survive.

“We have seen many deer with similar injuries but unfortunately in this case she didn’t pull through so it was a sad ending.

“A deer is quite a heavy animal so we are very grateful to Greg for his rescue attempt.”

Rutherford thanked his Twitter followers for all their messages about the deer which he named Doris before ending the story by tweeting: “Really sad day today. Doris the injured deer I brought home yesterday had to be put to sleep due to her injuries.”

Mrs Campbell added: “If anyone does find an injured deer our advice would be to get in touch with us at Tiggywinkles.

“Normally we would say don’t move the deer if you can help it because that can be dangerous and we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

“If you can stay with them as well it does help our rescuers.”

The hospital, in Aston Road, Haddenham was founded in 1983 by Les Stocker MBE.