Route announced for Saturday’s EDL demonstration

The EDL during their last visit to Aylesbury in 2010
The EDL during their last visit to Aylesbury in 2010

A route has been set for Saturday’s English Defence League demonstration in Aylesbury town centre.

The EDL says it is planning to hold a peaceful demonstration in Aylesbury on 10 October.

A counter-demonstration is also being planned in Aylesbury for the same day.

The route of the march will likely bring the EDL group from the top of Walton Street, into town and past the library, around Market Square and gathering in Kingsbury for speeches.

The march and speeches will take place between 1pm and 3pm approximately.

Supt Wright said: “Thames Valley Police recognises everyone’s right to demonstrate peacefully, and our aim is to facilitate a peaceful demonstration.

“I recognise the impact that this demonstration may have on the people of Aylesbury going about their business on Saturday.

“As always, we and our partner agencies will be working to ensure that the impact on local people, businesses and visitors is minimised.

“I would ask for the support of all sections of the community to help us and our partners, to make sure these demonstrations pass by smoothly.”