Root for Aleksandra on The Apprentice!

Buckinghamshire fans of BBC reality business contest The Apprentice will have someone to cheer for this series as one of the contestants vying for Lord Sugar's £250,000 is from our county!

Aleksandra King, who recently moved to the area, is one of the 18 aspirants for the 12th series of the wildly popular BBC1 show, which launched on Thursday at 9pm.

And it appears Buckinghamshire’s business impresario is one of the warmest of the bunch!

In the obligatory intro video, the Bucks contestant’s bombastic phrases are toned down and replaced with her impressions of a cat – feline being one of the languages our Aleksandra speaks as well as English, Afrikaans, Polish and German.

The 38-year-old, selected out of thousands who applied, says she loves nature and gave the Herald a tip on saving injured bees (more on that in a future edition, perhaps).

The mum-of-three moved here from London and explained: “Being analytical I researched many counties and villages, and came across a little gem called Amersham.

“We absolutely adore it here and our favourite thing to do as a family is to explore ‘Bucks on bikes’ as that is when you truly get to appreciate how beautiful Buckinghamshire really is.”

She set up a business consultancy company last November and now operates as a communications consultant. She previous worked for Servista and Cerillion Technologies, jobs which took her around the world.

Aleksandra also plays the piano by ear, is a keen chess player, competitive sportswoman and a hands-on mum – and PTA member – ‘no matter now busy things get’, she said.

She told the Herald: “I’m humbled and flattered to be a part of The Apprentice.

“The selection process was much tougher than I originally thought and as you go through the stages, the toughness levels ramp up.

“Your business knowledge, business plan, stamina, sales ability and the way you present yourself is thoroughly tested. By the time you are done you land up having a much better idea of who you are!

“My oldest daughter had a dream I was on The Apprentice. It was strange because none of us had spoken about it and it wasn’t showing on TV at the time. My husband and I thought that this must be destiny and destinies must be fulfilled so here I am.”

And what did she make of the fearsome finger-pointer himself? “I can tell you that watching Lord Sugar from the comfort of your own home is far more relaxing and enjoyable than potentially being in the firing line!”