Rocker Sam from Aylesbury's corrective surgery to '˜repair' giant stretched earlobes

A wannabe rock-star from Aylesbury who found that his stretched ear lobes were holding him back on the day-job front has had increasing-common corrective surgery to repair them.

Sam McCorkell, 21, plays with band Confront The Carnage, but also supports himself by doing other work.

But increasingly he was finding that the 30mm body modifications he had worn since the age of 12 were something that he no longer felt comfortable with.

Sam said that it was clear that getting a ‘normal’ office job was not going to be as easy for him as it would be for most men his age.

He said: “I wanted to do more with my life and felt like my ears have, and would, hold me back.

“I’ve avoided applying for jobs in the past because mentally, I already felt defeated. I was also sick of the questions, with people constantly asking about my ears.

“I think my friends who have earlobe stretchers are not moving up as fast in the workplace, or not reaching their full potential, because of their ears. I believe in self-expression but realise now that it is not worth my future”.

So, in June of this year, Sam finally decided to undergo £1,890 earlobe repair surgery at The Private Clinic of Harley Street.

The proceedure took 20-30 minutes and was performed under local anaesthetic, while he was still awake but under conscious sedation.

The clinic says that for patients like Sam, who have stretched their lobes beyond just a couple of centimetres, the lobes cannot spring back to their original shape with the help of a few simple stitches. Instead, the excess flesh must be trimmed and the earlobe carefully reshaped by a surgeon. Mr Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Private Clinic, who performed Sam’s procedure, sees over 100 people for this treatment each year, and has performed more than 500 procedures throughout the course of his career. As for Sam, he now feels ready to embark on a new chapter in his life, he said: “Some of my friends are studying engineering and I now feel like that could be a career path for me too.”

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