Rock Against Racism Aylesbury - two points of clarity

Following on from our article supporting Rock Against Racism Aylesbury's hunt for volunteers on October 3 we were contacted by the group - which has asked us to make the following two points clear.

We are happy to set the record straight, and the points are listed below.

• The group’s name is always spelled ‘Rock against Racism Aylesbury’ and/or ‘RARA’: never ‘Aylesbury Rock against Racism’ and/or ‘RAR’.

• The file photograph that accompanied our article is actually that of an entirely separate (and London based) organisation called ‘Love Music Hate Racism’- which is the musical arm of the Socialist Workers Party; and RARA is a completely non-political and non-partisan, standalone, not-for-profit community group, who own no affiliations, connections or ties to any other third party or organisation (local or otherwise).

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