Roads work is starting soon

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Part of a multi-million pound road scheme begins in January as part of a 2,450 homes development.

The Kingsbrook homes will be close to Bierton on the east side of Aylesbury.

So that infrastructure is there to provide for all the extra families, house builders Barratt David Wilson has signed a section 101 agreement which commits to over £80million in enhancements for the community.

These include the eastern link road and Stocklake link roads pictured on the map, which have to be completed within five years of the project starting up.

Barratt David Wilson also says it has worked with environmental groups to ensure that the sites are nature-friendly. Mammal-runs will pass underneath all the road infrastructure to prevent unnecessary road deaths.

The Stocklake link road is scheduled for completion by the end of next year, and the homes will be built over 15 years.

A wetlands reserve visitor centre, a health centre and new schools are also on the agenda.

A spokesman for Engage Planning, which is consulting with the community on the scheme on behalf of developers, said: “To ensure 
Kingsbrook delivers the services and infrastructure required to support the development, Barratt David Wilson has signed a Section 106 agreement with Bucks County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council.

“This commits over £80million for new road 
infrastructure, public 
transport, primary and secondary education, affordable housing, community facilities, green infrastructure, public open space, play areas, sports pitches, flood defences and a wetlands reserve centre.”

When 500 homes are occupied the developers are required to donate £1million to local schools, and a community centre will be opened.

Land for the first of the project’s primary schools will also have been transferred to Bucks County Council.

At the occupation of 1,500 homes Bucks County Council will have sites for a 
second primary school and a 
secondary school, together with cash from developers for the projects.