Rider sustains serious leg and wrist injury after mountain bike accident in Halton

Fire engine library image
Fire engine library image

A rider was taken to hospital after coming off their mountain bike on a cycle track near Halton on Saturday March 23.

The rider came off their bike on the track between Aston Hill Farm and Long Meadow Farm at lunchtime on Saturday and sustained serious leg and wrist injuries.

The East of England HART (Hazard Area Response Team) and the East of England air ambulance attended the scene, along with an ambulance and a paramedic team leader.

A South Central Ambulance Service spokesman said: "It proved a difficult extraction even with those levels of resource."

The ambulance service requested assistance from their colleagues from Bucks Fire and Rescue, who sent four fire engines to the scene at around 2.30pm.

Once the patient was safely on board the ambulance, they were taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The ambulance service spokesman added there was no information available about the patient's age or gender.