Relight my fire: Family oil business is back

Simon and Suzanne Lovell of Lovell Fuels
Simon and Suzanne Lovell of Lovell Fuels

A ‘truly family’ business which for 30 years supplied oil to the farming industry has been relaunched.

Lovell Fuels, as it is now known, began life on a site in Bicester Road, Long Crendon, in 1972 when Henry Lovell launched his business with son Ken and wife Grace.

Business boomed and the company HW Lovell & Son went on to be the biggest oil supplier in the area.

When Ken’s parents died, he and wife Lynda took on the mantle but hree years after Ken died, his wife sold the business and retired.

Now third generation and Lynda’s son Simon and his wife Suzanne have relaunched the business from scratch with Simon saying ‘now is the right time’.

He said: “I could have taken over when mum retired but I was only 25 then and I didn’t feel ready.

“Now that I have had more experience in the oil industry and I am older and wiser, I feel I am ready to make the most of this opportunity.”

Simon added that it was great to be working alongside his wife on the relaunched business. “Suzanne has always wanted to be involved in this sort of business,” he said.

“She is very motivated and driven, and being a website designer she will really help with the online side of things, which is obviously crucial in this day and age.

“I couldn’t think of anyone better to work alongside than Suzanne, although being the sort of people we are, we probably will end up discussing work at home.”

The business is up to date with a new website where customers can order online.

However Simon stressed he would be promoting the same values that served 
the original Lovell fuels so well.

He said: “Although I’m hopeful our reputation will help us, we will ensure we continue with the personal touch and the values that we hold so dear.

“The marketplace has changed since the last time we were up and running.

“There is probably less competition now and the market is generally dominated by big name companies, however this is still a great opportunity for us.”