Rave reviews for Aylesbury author’s ‘coming-of-age’ debut novel

Shem Douglas with her new novel Between You, Me and the Banana Tree
Shem Douglas with her new novel Between You, Me and the Banana Tree

A freelance copywriter who grew up in Aylesbury has released her first novel.

Shem Douglas, 34, has self-published her opening novel Between You, Me and The Banana Tree.

Shem, who lived in Haydon Hill, but now divides her time between Aylesbury and Dublin in Ireland, describes it as a ‘coming of age book.’

She said: “The book follows a character called Maya on a journey to learn about her estranged father.

“It is primarily aimed at 20-30-year-olds but it will hopefully appeal across a broad spectrum.

“I actually came up with the title first and then everything else fell into place.

“I started writing it in 2015 and it took about six months.

“I then spent a lot of time talking to publishers and agents and eventually decided to go down the self-publishing route.”

The book was released on Amazon in July and has received a string of excellent reviews with readers saying ‘they couldn’t put it down’.

The origins of the main character Maya are based on the author’s own life, as Shem’s parents were from the island of St Vincent in the Caribbean and Shem went on to live in London.

The former Waddesdon School pupil said she was delighted with the rave reviews her novel has received so far.

She said: “It feels something of a triumph for me and I get great strength from seeing how the book has been received.

“It is a great example for all aspiring authors what you can chieve.”

A number of reviewers have said they are hoping for a follow-up book and Shem said: “I am currently writing my second novel now.

“It will have a crossover of characters featured in Banana Tree but it’s a completely different story.

“I hope this will be ready to roll in 2018!”