Raffles is a winner! Stray cat left close to death after fox bite is now ready to find new home

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A feral cat who got into a state after a fox attack is now tame, healthy and ready to find a new home.

Friday, 3rd July 2015, 4:56 pm
Raffles the cat

Raffles was rescued by Aylesbury Cats Protection after being found wandering the street.

He was suffering with a nasty abscess and volunteers raced him to Vets4Pets in Buckingham for emergency treatment.

As well as the abscess from the bite, Raffles had deep puncture wounds, and was close to death when vet Maggie Doherty examined him.

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Raffles the cat

She said: “Any more time on the streets and there would be little chance of this cat surviving such a nasty infection.

“The first stage prior to surgery was to check whether Raffles had feline aids or cat flu. We were pleased when results came back from our specialised in house laboratory equipment indicating that he was free from debilitating diseases.”

She added: “Raffles’ abscess had burst and the tissue become necrotic. The next stage would likely be septicaemia, illness and sure death.”

Maggie sedated raffles, lanced a further abscess and then surgically removed the dead tissue.

Raffles the cat

While he was under anaesthetic Raffles was given a thorough MOT, and was neutered, microchipped, de-flea’d and wormed.

He has since fully recovered, and is enjoying his new life with Cats Protection on the road to becoming a pampered domestic cat.

If you would like to adopt a newly tamed Raffles go to www.chiltern.cats.org.uk