RAF Halton Staff save the day!

RAF Halton Staff save the day!
RAF Halton Staff save the day!

Staff from RAF came to the rescue to help clear up the weekend snow at the Chilterns MS Centre, so they could host their Pop Up Art Weekend.

RAF Halton’s Station Commander, Group Captain James Brayshaw, and a group of 13 airmen and women from Pearson Intake went into action at the weekend to clear snow at the Chilterns Ms Centre, which was due to hold a Pop Up Art Weekend.

Heavy snowfall had threatened to disturb the event, as the car park wasn't clear.

However Halton staff stepped in to save the day and clear up the heavy snow fall.

Friday night’s Preview Reception was cancelled but many of those who would have attended came on either Saturday or Sunday which made up for the funds they thought they may have lost.

Sgt James Mcinally, who supervised the recruits, said: “I had a request regarding volunteers from RTS in helping to clear snow away from the MS centre for a Saturday morning charity event showcasing arts and crafts. I volunteered to assist in getting nine recruits together, but the final count was 13 names taken.

“All the volunteers were from Pearson Intake who were in their fourth week of basic training. Once we arrived at the centre we quickly got to work clearing all the surroundings of snow with our own equipment and some from the centre.

“The tasking was for two hours but through everyone’s hard the task was completed in 50 minutes, this included all pathways, surrounding car parks including being gritted. Refreshments where provided including bacon “butties” tea, coffee and squash (sandwiches where provided for one recruit due to his religious beliefs).

Chief Executive of the MS Centre, Robert Breakwell, praised the Station Commander, who is a trustee of the centre, and recruits, saying: “Without your help it would not have been possible for the event to take place.

"Your courteous and hard working team certainly made short work of the job that needed to be done and I would be grateful if you would pass on our thanks to everyone.

"Amidst all the many pressures that RAF Halton must have been experiencing at the time, it was immensely kind of you to step in to solve our problems.

"We greatly value the warm relationship that we have with you and Royal Air Force Halton and thank you once again or coming to our aid at a time of great need.”