RAF Halton's Reverend Richardson moves on to pastures new after distinguished career

Reverend David Richardson is moving from RAF Halton
Reverend David Richardson is moving from RAF Halton

Reverend Richardson, who was deployed in the fight against Islamic State in Syria and also in Iraq, is set to move on from his role as Reverend at RAF Halton.

He was deployed in Syria between December 2015 and 2016, during an intense period of operations against Daesh, or Islamic State.

While in the Middle East, he earned the Operational Service Medal for Operation Shader.

Reverend Richardson said: “It was inspiring; being out on the ground and seeing personnel training, it was great to be a part of that.

"I was deployed after only being at Halton for a few weeks so leaving my wife and two children, especially over Christmas, was difficult but it was rewarding in many other ways."

Reverend Richardson spent a significant amount of time travelling, mostly in Northern Iraq, with training teams supporting Iraqi and Peshmerga Forces, and as a result was the first UK Chaplain to qualify for the medal with clasp which is a superb achievement both professionally and personally.

Reverend Richardson continued: “No one knew there would be a medal, so I am pleased that my colleagues are now being recognised for all the work they put in.”

The Operational Service Medal, Iraq and Syria, is awarded to someone who spends 30 days continuous or 45 days aggregated service in Iraq or Syria as part of Operation Shader.

Reverendd Richardson finished by stating: “Seeing new recruits coming to Halton after being on Op SHADER is great.

"The men and women serving in Iraq and Syria have given me more motivation to inform the newest members of the RAF about the amazing work that we do and what they are becoming a part of.”

Reverend Richardson is due to depart Halton and take up the role of Staff Chaplain to the Chaplain-in-Chief and Archdeacon for the Royal Air Force, the Venerable (AVM) John Ellis, who acted as Reviewing Officer for Pearson Intake at Recruits Training Squadron in December 2018.

A Statement from RAF Halton said: "We wish Rev’d Richardson all the best as he departs the Unit, he has played a central role in the daily life at RAF Halton and we wish him and his family all the best for the future at HQ Air Command and beyond."