Pupils help out link school in Uganda during severe drought

Pupils at Princes Risborough Primary School have raised more than £400 for their link school in Uganda.

Over the last year children have been able to write letters to the children at Mvara Junior School and one of the teachers went out to the school as a joint venture with St Mary’s Church.

Mvara is experiencing a severe drought and the villages have to buy water in tankers. When the children and staff heard of the conditions at Mvara they really rose to the challenge in order to support their friends.

One child was inspired to write to the local Mayor, others have been organising and running events such as raffles. Year 6 pupil, Tilly Ball, has individually raising an amazing £142.

A spokeswoman for the school said: “Children in key stage 1 have also got involved and have brought in their pocket money. One young pupil took the appeal so much to heart that his mum found him filling bottles of water at home!

“There has also been some fabulous maths lessons and children have enjoyed the challenge of converting litres and millilitres and working out what could actually be achieved with a ration of only 20 litres a day per family.

“We are pleased to say that the first tanker of water costing £200 has already been paid for and another will very shortly be on its way.