THEY are gone. But not forgotten.

Searching through our own files we came across these wonderful pictures which we thought readers might like to see – pubs which once played an important part in the life of Aylesbury town centre but, as so many others have since, been closed down and demolished to make way for 'improvements'.

As a Benskins owned property, The Star Hotel was in Railway Street and our photograph, taken in 1956, shows an area of the town which has totally changed.

Can you visualise where it was?

Behind the hotel are the town gas works but which, to some older residents will be the give-away.

The site nowadays is occupied by the vacant office block Hampden House and, below that, the underground car park.

We travel next to the Aylesbury Brewery Company (ABC) premises, The Chandos Hotel, which was on the opposite side of the road to Hampden House at the junction of High Street and Exchange Street.

The photographer on this occasion – which was also in the 1950s – was standing in the forecourt of the railway station, with its line to Cheddington, which stood on the opposite side of the road, now the site of the underpass.

This was a hotel/pub which was regularly used by artists appearing on stage at The Granada situated a short distance along the High Street.

Then there is The Rising Sun, also taken in 1956, with Castle Street on the left.

Once again this was an Aylesbury Brewery Company property but which, sadly, has long since disappeared.

Finally we have the Railway Hotel and the picture is a give-away to its location with the Bucks County Council tower block rising behind it.

It was an unusually designed building in Great Western Street with gargoyles on the roof and a bell tower where, so the story goes, the bell was rung to warn those inside, enjoying a pint or two after a hard day's work, when trains were arriving at the nearby station.

The photo was taken in 1965.

Not long after it was demolished to make way for the Friars Square shopping centre redevelopment.