Public meeting to be held over Hampden Fields development

New Hampden Fields masterplan showing southern link road
New Hampden Fields masterplan showing southern link road

A public meeting over the Hampden Fields development is being held on Thursday at Weston Turville Village Hall.

It comes after developers re-submitted plans to build 3,000 homes between Weston Turville and Bedgrove, their previous application having been thrown out on appeal.

Now the Hampden Fields Action Group is holding a meeting, from 6pm-7pm, to hear what residents want to do next.

Chairman Phil Yerby said: “With 5,357 houses now proposed within a one mile radius we contend this development is not sustainable for the complete area around Aylesbury and call upon the council and developers to only bring forward large developments as part of the strategic plan, which can look at the wider infrastructure and, in particular, road issues.”

“Under current government policy Aylesbury Vale will have to build 32,000 homes in a short period and this simply has to be planned rather than development shoe horned into green belt land where a fast buck is to be made.

“Let’s not forget a planning Inspector only eight months ago said that the transport system around Aylesbury could not cope with development of this kind - does anyone believe this has improved?”

“Many people believe these developments are a done deal - the meeting is for residents to hear the other side and understand what can be done to ensure development avoid the mistakes of the past”

The new plans include the provision of a southern link road connecting the A41 and A413. Speaking last month, a spokesman for the Hampden Fields Consortium said: “We believe that the new proposals overcome the outstanding matters raised at the appeal inquiry and include delivery of key infrastructure such as new roads, education, health and open space that will have a direct benefit to the local community.”