Public have their say on whether to back Watermead legal battle

Map showing proposed Watermead crematoriumMap showing proposed Watermead crematorium
Map showing proposed Watermead crematorium
A bumper turn out of residents attended the first of two consultation events about the Watermead crematorium plans.

Watermead Parish Council ran the event last Friday, as a way to gaugue residents views about the proposal by Westerleigh.

The parish council failed in an attempt to challenge the decision by Aylesbury Vale District Council.

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But at the event members asked residents if they would be happy to take a small one of rise in their annual council
 tax to pay for further legal action.

Eric Rose, of Watermead Parish Council, which has already spent £27,000 on the action, said: “The responses have so far been overwhelmingly positive.

“We have had 250 responses, of which just nine have said that they dont think we should go ahead.

“There are just under 1,000 households on Watermead, so that is a quarter alreday that have taken part.

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“The event was on a Friday which of course is a working day so many people have taken part by writing to us.

“But on Friday 100 people came to support the event, with just a couple against any further action.”

The news comes as Westerleigh signalled that it intends to continue its fight against a rival Bierton scheme.

The developer made an application for leave to challenge the AVDC’s decision to grant planning permission for a crematorium on the land at Cane End Lane, Bierton.

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A court judgement was made on 11 February 2016 dismissing their application and this was subsequently appealed.

A hearing took place on 22 March 2016 and was dismissed at the Royal Courts of Justice. Aylesbury Vale District Council received notice on
 30 March 2016 that Westerleigh are now seeking to 
appeal against that judgement in the Court of Appeal.

The next consultation takes place on Friday at Watermead Village Hall until 10pm.