PRESIDENT TRUMP: Local reaction - Lib Dem Steven Lambert: 'It won't be easy to deal with him on the world stage'

BCC Cllr Steven Lambert PNL-141224-121843001BCC Cllr Steven Lambert PNL-141224-121843001
BCC Cllr Steven Lambert PNL-141224-121843001
Following the historic and arguably shocking US presidential victory of businessman Donald Trump last night, we asked key players in the local political scene what they think...

Steven Lambert, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Coldharbour who was speaking about HS2 to the Parliamentary Select Committee today, said: “The mood was very strange in Parliament today, people were very confused with what’s happened.

“At the end of the day, the people have spoken but it’s as surprising as Brexit. Trump poses a real threat to democracy and liberalism, and the whole world should be very concerned.

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“For the UK, as we exit Europe we are now facing more towards Trump in the US, his special relationship with Putin is particularly worrying.

“It won’t be easy to deal with him on the world stage. The campaign behaviour was deeply lamentable, the indiscretions of Bill Clinton being pinned on Hilary, it’s every day sexism and it was not on at all.

“I think what’s happened with regards to the polling is a similar situation to what happened to the Lib Dems when campaigning at the last General Election. People would tell you they were voting for you then do something completely different at the polling booth. I think there were probably a lot of secret Trump voters.

“I can’t believe he campaigned on the tag of draining the swamp, he’s as establishment as the rest of them. He’s duped the ordinary people, there’s no substance to his claims. I fear that the Americans have been led down the same path as people in the UK were by Nigel Farage with Brexit. And that fills me with dread and fear. It’s getting more and more difficult to recognise the country I grew up in.”