PRESIDENT TRUMP: Local reaction - Former mayor of Aylesbury Niknam Hussain: 'There are so many unknowns'

Following the historic and arguably shocking US presidential victory of businessman Donald Trump last night, we asked key players in the local political scene what they think...

Niknam Hussain, ex mayor of Aylesbury said: “As a country it will affect us, as there are so many unknowns. He has said some outrageous things. He’s even alienated members of his own party. Regardless of what he’s done, he’s now leader of the free world.

“He wields great power now, with the control he has over the senate, the house of representatives and most likely the supreme court. We wait with bated breath over what will happen to Nato, Muslims and immigrants in the United States.

“He’s a good friend of Putin, so we have to question what he will do if he decides to roll the tanks into the Ukraine. Would he do anything? He has explicitly said he will rip up the nuclear and trade agreement with Iran, which will deeply unstabilise an already unstable region.

“The real anxiety lies in just not knowing what will happen. He’s not a fantastic publican and for me, it’s sad looking from the outside because of his divisive campaign. Sadly it’s reflective of America that someone who runs a reality TV show can make it as the most powerful man on the planet.”