PRESIDENT TRUMP: Local reaction - AVDC leader Neil Blake: 'He has his work cut out'

AVDC leader Neil Blake PNL-140414-161421001AVDC leader Neil Blake PNL-140414-161421001
AVDC leader Neil Blake PNL-140414-161421001
Following the historic and arguably shocking US presidential victory of businessman Donald Trump last night, we asked key players in the local political scene what they think...

Aylesbury Vale and District Council leader Neil Blake, said: “It was a long campaign, they have both been through a huge process with hardly disclosing any policy information whatsoever. All they’ve seemed to do is slag each other off!”

“He has his work cut out for himself now and mustwork like stink and get some actual policies in place, but he has to keep things realistic. Perhaps he might have to re-evaluate building the wall.”

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Theresa May seems happy with the result, she must want to just cement our special relationship. Trump is a successful businessman, and hopefully he can bring that acumen to the White House.”

“I think the polls were so wrong because so many people turned out to vote who don’t usually vote. This means it’s impossible to guess their voting intentions.”

“He will have to readjust his thinking on a lot of his bolder claims, but there was positive reaction from Putin which could do much to cement American and Russian relations. It’s very important that they get their heads together as soon as possible so we don’t get back into a Cold War situation.”

“At the end of the day, people wanted change. Obama didn’t cut it for a lot of Americans. The people have decided and we must respect the will of democracy. I respect that he wants to bring America together, to grow their economy and continue their economic recovery. If they do, the whole world will benefit.”